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Welcome to Club Penguin Cheats Info

Hey everyone, Greeniss here, (mostly known as Graffocp), today I’m happy to announce that our blog, Club Penguin Cheats Info is now successfully live! I’ve been working for countless hours fixing hosting issues, getting the theme ready, etc. But it was finally worth it in the end! So, I, and my fellow Administrator, Dazzdog, announce that ClubPenguinCheats.info is now released! Here is more to Welcome to Club Penguin Cheats Info.

Welcome to Club Penguin Cheats Info

.. Thanks for reading! Make sure to visit our blog everyday for new updates. We’re also looking for some talented authors and editors to keep our site active. Can you help? You won’t work for free. You’ll get paid. Contact me on @Graffocp on Twitter for more information regarding this. OH, AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!