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Club Penguin Random Fact 1 – The Beta Test Party

The Beta Test party (or Beta party) was the first ever party released on Club Penguin. The Beta party was all about encouraging players to test the server for bugs & glitches, they then would report them. The Beta Test Party was released on September 21, 2005. It lasted for 2 hours. Those lucky received what we call “rare” today – The Beta hat (or First Party hat).

Club Penguin Random Fact 1: The Beta Test Party!

The beta hat is a party hat filled with a Pink and Yellow pattern, it’s considered to be the 1st rare item on Club Penguin. However, it can be hacked. Those who’ve hacked this item will be likely to be banned forever. Here are 2 pictures of the beta hat. The Beta hat was the first free item and clothing item.

Club Penguin Random Fact #1: The Beta Test Party!

The beta hat viewed from a playercard.
Club Penguin Random Fact #1: The Beta Test Party!

The beta hat as seen in-game.

Not everyone was so lucky to get the beta hat, after Club Penguin was released, players didn’t receive the beta hat. The beta hat was made by the former founder, Rsnail (Also known as Lance Priebe). There were 2 beta test parties on Club Penguin held on the same day. The first one was held from 3PM TO 5PM GMT. The time for the second one is unknown. The reason for the existence of the party is that the moderators wanted to see the capacity the server could hold. Like basically they wanted to see how many penguins could come online at once without crashing the server. The most recorded penguins were online are 155 (Source: Club Penguin Wiki).

Here’s a picture of the Town Center during the Beta Test party.

Club Penguin Random Fact #1: The Beta Test Party!

There were 2 booths where players could collect their beta hats, the Coffee Shop had a sign “BETA TEST PARTY” in celebration of the Beta Test Party.

Here’s a gallery filled with images during the Beta Test Party, feel free to take a look at them.

Most betas either are banned forever or have been hacked. Most betas have disappeared. Beta testers have an ID from 1 to 15,000. So, 15,000 penguins participated in the beta test. Cool right? Well, some joined after but did not receive the beta hat. They’re still considered betas though, because they have a valid ID. Would you like to take a look at the beta testers list? Well, you can! Go check out our Club Penguin Beta Tester List to find all known penguins that are beta testers!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and learnt alot. Remember, do not add any items especially the beta hat. You will be banned forever and there’s no chance in getting your penguin back. Stay tuned for another random fact about Club Penguin!