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Cart Surfer Cheats

Welcome to our Club Penguin Cart Surfer Cheats page! Here, we provide you all the latest and newest cheats, info, secrets, guides, and more about the game. Cart Surfer was released on June of 2006 when a penguin discovered many cave systems underground. It is said to be the easiest way to earn large amount of coins. You can find this game at the Mine Shack via the Mine. Here is more on the Cart Surfer Cheats!

Club Penguin Cart Surfer Cheats

Objective of Game

The goal of the game is to do as many tricks on the cart as possible. You have three lives and if you crash, you will lose one. Tricks are based on difficulty and the most difficult the trick, the more coins you will earn.

Cart Surfer Cheats - Gameplay


Here are all 14 tricks that are in Cart Surfer. Tricks range from 1-100 points.

  • Left Spin: Space + Left
  • Right Spin: – Space + Right
  • Back flip: Down + Space
  • Crazy Run: Down + Down
  • Crazy Leap: Space + Up
  • Handstand: Up + Up
  • Surf Jump: Up + Space
  • Cart Slam: Space + Down
  • Normal Turn: Right
  • Normal Turn: left
  • Surf Turn: Up + Right
  • Surf Turn: Up + Left
  • Cart Grind : Down + Right
  • Cart Grind: Down + Left


There are a total of 12 Cart Surfer Stamps. Earn all of these and you will instantly get double the coins whenever you play this game. You do not have to become a member to get all stamps.

Cart Surfer Cheats - Stamps
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  • The prototype version was called Cave Runner
  • Stamps and the Black Puffle addition were not added until October 6, 2011
  • If you wear lime green while playing it, you will ride faster
  • Is considered the best Club Penguin game of all time
  • A Cart Pin was released in July 2007 of the Cart from Cart Surfer


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