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Bean Counters Cheats

Welcome to our Club Penguin Bean Counters Cheats page. Here, we show you the newest cheats and secrets to this game. Bean Counters was one of the very few beta testing games Club Penguin made during the beta testing in September 2005.

Club Penguin Bean Counters Cheats

Objective of Game

The objective of the game is to collect all the bean bags from the truck and placing it on the platform. Use your mouse to load and unload, but objects are thrown to lose your focus. Once hit, you will lose a life. There are a total of five trucks (five levels) to deliver as you will get top coin when completed (BONUS 60 coins).

Bean Counters Gameplay


Flying objects are thrown to challenge the game. Along the way, more objects will be thrown faster as you only try to bring the coffee bean packages to the platform

  • Coffee sack – The player is supposed to catch and load the bags in each level: they will then appear on the counter.
  • Extra Life – These tokens give the player one extra life. They only appear in levels 3 and 5. They appear as a penguin’s head on a star-shaped background
  • Anvil – Anvil always land near the truck
  • Fish – The fish always land near the platform where you put the beanbags
  • Flowerpot – Flowerpots always land near the middle


Secret Jellybean Level:

  1. Once you see the home screen of the Bean Counters, click on the stop on the image shown below
  2. You will play a secret jellybean mode where you can chose your difficulty of Hard, Expert, and Extreme.

Jelly Bean Level


  • One of the five original Club Penguin games
  • New design was made in March 2011 from the background, penguin look, and the brand new candy level
  • There is also a candy mode in Pizzatron 3000
  • The mobile version was added to the app in update 1.2


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