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New Rebels Pin Cheat

Rebels Pin

Along with the updates, Club Penguin have released the Rebels Pin. This is the first pin to be released on Club Penguin in 2015. The Rebels Pin can be found at the School.

Open up your map, go to the Mine Shack. The School can be seen on the left next to the Mine.

Rebels Pin 2

There you go! You have finally got the Rebels Pin. Make sure to follow our Twitter, and like our Facebook page. Thanks for reading!


Club Penguin Crystal Puffle Pin Cheat

Club Penguin has released the new unique Crystal Puffle Pin onto the island. Every two weeks, a brand new collectible pin is relocated all around the island for all of us to find. This pin is only available for two weeks, so you can not obtain this pin afterwards. Here is our full guide on theĀ Club Penguin Crystal Puffle Pin Cheat.

Club Penguin Crystal Puffle Pin Cheat

1. Log onto Club Penguin with your account

2. Choose any server (Whatever your heart desires <3)

3. Use your map to head over to the Puffle Hotel; via The Plaza. Waddling is optional as well as your Spy Phone teleportation

4. You will see the pin right next to the entrance. Click on the pin and click “Yes” to get the new pin

Club Penguin Crystal Puffle Pin Cheat

Success! You’ve got the awesome Crystal Puffle Pin yet. Have you adopted your Crystal Puffle yet? Be sure to share all your thoughts about the brand new pin with a comment down below.

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