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-About Graffocp & the creation of this site–

I started playing Club Penguin back in October 2009 when I just found it on Miniclip. I was really excited after I created my first penguin, I joined when the Halloween Party was going on and it was really an amazing experience. But then a tragic incident took place in April 2010, my penguin was banned forever. Someone had hacked into my penguin and banned it. I battled with the Club Penguin team but with no avail. I was in tears; obviously you cry when you lose your first Club Penguin account?

I then created many penguins, unfortunately, none of them lasted 6 months. I at least have had 20+ penguins. I then created a new account in September 2011 which you may know as Graffocp. This was my main penguin to use from now on. I bought a membership and is recurring since the last 4 yenguins. This is how much I loved Club Penguin! I kept creating new accounts just to play, and as a non member tooears.

Now, onto the site. I started blogging back in December 2010. At that time, I constantly switched from Blogger to WordPress. I created blogs, then deleted them. What on earth was I doing? At the start of 2012, I created this blog. It was active but then I had to abandon it since I had other blogs to maintain.


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