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Club Penguin: The best of 2013 (Mashup remix)

Hello Penguins!

Yesterday, (31st December 2013) the day before 2014, Club Penguin uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel to memorate the events that occured in 2013.


Welcome back + Happy New Year!

Hey guys!

Welcome back to graffocp.wordpress.com. I haven’t been posting on this blog for a long time, nearly 2 years. As you may have noticed that I’ve stopped blogging. Well, the reason is because my old Club Penguin self hosted blog (graffocp.com) was permanently offline due to hosting issues. So, therefore I will post on this site.

Also: Have a Happy 2014!


Club Penguin Gary meetup times (2013)

So.. Gary is waddling around the island. Can’t find him? Don’t worry! There are some scheduled meetup times. All times are in PST.

* September 19 – 4:00 PM PST – Rainbow (English)
  * September 20 – 1:00 AM PST – Cozy (English)
  * September 21 – 12:30 PM PST – Alaska (English)
  * September 21 – 3:00 PM PST – Cozy (English)
  * September 21 – 5:30 PM PST – Crystal (English)
  * September 22 – 3:00 AM PST – Beanie (English)
  * September 22 – 12:30 PM PST – Blizzard (English)
  * September 22 – 3:00 PM PST – Berg (English)
  * September 22 – 5:30 PM PST – White Out (English)
  * September 23 – 3:00 AM PST – Zipline (English)
  * September 23 – 4:00 PM PST – Fog (English)
  * September 24 – 2:00 AM PST – Mammoth (English)
  * September 24 – 4:00 PM PST – Cozy  (English)
  * September 25 – 2:00 AM PST – Arctic (English)
  * September 25 – 4:00 PM PST – Zipline (English)
  * September 26 – 2:00 AM PST – Berg (English)
  * September 26 – 4:00 PM PST – Hot Chocolate (English)
  * September 27 – 3:00 AM PST – Northern Lights (English)
  * September 28 – 3:00 AM PST – Mittens (English)
  * September 28 – 12:30 PM PST – Zipline  (English)
  * September 28 – 3:00 PM PST – Rainbow (English)
  * September 29 – 3:00 AM PST – Blizzard (English)
  * September 29 – 12:30 PM PST – White Out (English)
  * September 29 – 3:00 PM PST – Big Foots(English)
  * September 30 – 2:00 AM PST – Alaska (English)
  * September 30 – 4:00 PM PST – Jack Frost (English)

Special thanks to Monchocho for these meetup times.


Club Penguin Medieval Party 2013 – Magic Potion Book Adventures


Club Penguin have uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, yesterday. This video is about Gary testing a potion…

It doesn’t show us much, but I’d love to try out those potions ;)


Rockhopper arrives back to the island!

Rockhopper has arrived back to the Club Penguin island after travelling..


.. Check out Rockhopper’s new rare items! There’s even a CANNON! I can use that to blast my Red Puffle!


Remember: Rockhopper will be online for a week only. So make sure to obtain his stamp & background.


Club Penguin Times Issue #412 released!

A New Issue of the Club Penguin Times has been released! In this issue, Gary talks about a book about potions which Rockhopper had gave him…


On the other hand, Rockhopper talks about his return to the island & about his adventures…


…. Last but not least, here are the upcoming events..


A Medieval Party in September? Seems odd.. Lol.. Do you think Club Penguin are swapping the parties at different dates? xD

We’d love to hear from you! Please drop down a comment :)


Moved back to WordPress.com


I have moved back to WordPress.com because the old site, graffocp.com was down permenantly for hosting problems. Therefore I’ve decided to move back to WordPress.com until I find a new host…

We have moved!

Hey Penguins,

Just like I said, we are self hosted! :D Our new blog is at: http://graffocp.com/ Make sure you visit it!

I get an iPad!

Hey Penguins!
Guess what? I got an iPad! That’s right, from now on I can post quicker! :p and it will be much easier!

Holiday Party 2012 Sneak Peek

Hey Guys! Recently, Businesmoose and Polo Field announced a sneak peek video! Here it is! :)


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